November 2017 - Almost Winter Again!

Where did summer go?

The early summer began with a great painting trip with fellow Elemental artist, Berndt Savig and his college art buddy, Saul Maurer ( to western Colorado near where the Colorado River gets ready to pass into Utah.  The quiet beauty was inspirational and I have many studies and paintings that will be showing up in galleries and shows in the near future.

But then, summer got really busy.  And now I check the calendar to realize that fall is here and winter approaches!  

The result is that fall has been a bit like when my palette gets messy!  After the May trip, the summer was filled with an intensive 8 week online training class on how to teach - you guessed it! - an online painting class at Aims Community College.  That didn't leave a lot of time for painting but it did help me be ready for the Fall Hybrid Painting class!  However, some of the painting and critique activities I planned weren't quite right.  Either too extensive or too much time required away from the students' painting.  

To add to the "messy palette," this Fall has brought with it the final steps and painting for the next stage of the "Elemental" art show.  This time we have turned our creative focus onto the principles of design.  Each of the same five artists has produced one work for each of the selected principles.  Again our curator will tie all of the parts together with descriptions and commentary.  As in last time, we have been a bit innovative with what we are considering to be the design components.  But no "spoilers" here!  You'll have to check in when the show opens.

"Principled" will be hung on December 15, 2017 and stay up through February 3, 2018 at the Union Colony Civic Center's Tointon Gallery in Greeley, Colorado.  We are hoping to send the show out to other venues again as we did with the Elemental show.   (For a review of the past show, check out )